Do you have a passion for figurines or models? Do you like to create the models yourself? Then west Ark Scale Model club might be the place for you. Enjoy a community of likeminded people that share your interests and has the knowledge to help you grow to be better. We take models of all kinds but sometimes we will ask for people to make models based on a specific theme for contests. Don’t keep your interests all to yourself, come join our club to be a part of a group of people that is growing every day. People have found lifetime friends at the Ark Scale Model club, friends that have pushed them to become more prominent in the scale modeling world. 

This club was started by Bob Hiatt nearly three years ago with the intention to bring a specific group of people together that all had not only a passion but also a drive to create and build scale models. The club started out small but it has grown quickly and gained a following from the Clarksville/ Lamar area and beyond. Now the club meets regularly at the Marvin Vinson Center to engage in talking about models and checking in on the models that people have created. They also have yearly contests for scale models all based around a theme, the modelers only have a specific amount of time to finish their models before they have to present them to a group of judges. Last year’s theme was more all-encompassing, so that means that people were encouraged to make models of anything as long as it fit into one of our special categories. This included aircraft, tanks, armor, automotive, figures, naval ships, spaceships and sci-fi characters, miscellaneous, wargaming, and dioramas. And if you don’t finish a model but you really like where it was going, we understand. It is why our organization has a category for unfinished models, because we want everyone to be able to show off what they have been working on, whether it is finished or not.

However, this club is not just for older people, it is also for kids. This is why, during our contests, we also have divisions for the contests. These divisions include twelve and under, junior/preteen, and beginners 18 and over. We want to create a community that isn’t limited by age, this is because we hope that our older or more experienced members will be able to show the beginners some tips and tricks that they have picked up over the years, and maybe learn a little something themselves. While the younger crowd adds to the energy and passion of the club, as well as reminding us about the joy of figuring out scale modeling and what it was like making a model for the first time. So don’t be hesitant, even if you only have a small interest in modeling or have never made a model before. Come join the West Ark Scale Model club and help us be a place for you to relax and discover a new interest. Whether that always stays a pastime or if it turns into a career. We are here to encourage you in whatever path you take with scale modeling.

If you are looking for contest submission forms, then you can find them above. We hope to see everyone at our upcoming contest this year, new and old members alike! Let’s have a great time and remember, keep building!

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