A-1 Origins-1937
A-2 1938-1945, 1/72 
A-3 1946-Present Single Seat,1/72
A-4 1946-Present Multi Seat, 1/72
A-5 1938-1945 Single Engine, 1/48
A-6 1938-1945 Multi Engine, 1/48
A-7 1946-Present Single Seat 1/48
A-8 1946-Present Multi Seat 1/48
A-9 Military Prop 1/32 & Larger
A-10 Military 1/32 & Larger
A-11 Military 1/73 & Smaller
A-12 Civil Aviation
A-13 Rotary Wing 
A-14 Out of Box
B-1 1/35 Military Vehicles (including tanks, assault guns, & self propelled guns)
  A-Armored Cars &  Armored Half Tracks  
  B-Soft skinned Military Vehicles
B-2 1/48 Military Vehicles
B-3 1/72 Military Vehicles
   A-Fully Tracked
   B-Armored Cars & Half Tracks
   C-Soft Skinned Military
B-4 Artillery Pieces (including missiles & railroad guns, excluding limbers & prime movers)
B-5 Conversions & Scratch Built
B-6 Multi- or Towed Vehicles(No more than 3 vehicles attached to each other)
B-7 Out of The Box

C-1 Box Stock
C-2 Street Rods Pre 1948
C-3 Street Machine 1949-Present
C-4 Factory Stock
C-5 Foreign
C-6 Racing
C-7 Pickup Truck, Vans & SUV'S
C-8 Light Commercial
C-9 Heavy Commercial
C-10 Small Scale 1/26 & Smaller
C-11 Larger 1/23 & Smaller
C-12 Curbside
C-13 Slammer
C-14 Motorcycles
C-15 In Progress
C-16 Customs

D-1 Military
D-2 Civilian
D-3 Fantasy
D-4 Sci-Fi
D-5 Horror
D-6 Busts

E-1 Real Spaced Manned
E-2 Real Space Unmanned
E-3 Star Wars
E-4 Star Trek
E-5 Other Movie Vehicle
E-6 Original Concept Scratch Built
E-7 Miscellaneous

F-1 1:350 to 1:101
F-2 1:351 & Smaller
F-3 Submarines
F-4 1:101 & Larger
F-5 Early Steam and Sail
F-6 Civilian

G-1 Aircraft
G-2 Armor
G-3 Auto
G-4 Figures<5
G-5 Figures>5
G-6 Sci-Fi
G-7 Ships
G-8 Miscellaneous
H-1 Figures & Sci-Fi
H-2 Aircraft
H-3 Auto
H-4 Armor
H-5 Miscellaneous

I-1 Figures & Sci-Fi
I-2 Aircraft
I-3 Auto
I-4 Armor
I-5 Miscellaneous

J-1 Collection
J-2 Triple Play
J-3 All Others
J-4 Box Stock
J-5 Paper
J-6 Mechanical

K-1 Auto
K-2 Aircraft
K-3 Military
K-4 Naval
K-5 Sci-Fi
K-6 All Other

L-1 Single
L-2 Multi Figure
L-3 Vehicles-Ground, Air, Space & Sea

Any Unfinished Projects

O-2 Out of box, with instructions
O-3 Custom Built
O-4 Diorama